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XYZ//Sound sculptures

Utilising spatial audio and virtual reality to bridge the gap between music composers and the audience


By pushing the boundaries of live performances through the integration of emerging technologies and the accumulation of data, my goal is to foster creative cross-pollination within the industry. At the XYZ//Sound Sculpture installation the role between composer and audience is mixed, as the audience is able to re arrange the sounds the composer recorded. 

It starts with the recording of a live performance by Desmond Cheese, which then is mixed in Virtual Reality where we are able to manipulate sounds with our own hands. 

Once the Binaural mix is complete, we use the DATA from Virtual Reality to create digital sculptures that represent exactly where each sound was in space at a specific time. 

This creates four sculptures, one for each instrument used during the live performance. The sculptures are then 3D printed and brought back to our physical reality. 

We then use the sculptures to create an art installation where the music recorded is playing at all times, but the music is only revealed through the speakers when the audience Interacts with the sculptures. This allows for the audience to deconstruct the song, by interacting with different sculptures the audience can hear isolated instruments and create their own arrangements whitin that same song. 

The whole installation is recorded and new versions for the songs are created every day, blurring the lines that divide the audience from the artist.


Creating a safe space for those who want to step into the world of music but feel intimidated by it, XYZ//Sound Sculptures aims to create a sense of community through fostering collaboration between a non-musical and musical audience. 

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